Since I’m a fan of silent film and physical acting, MoCap was the next logical step in my acting career. MoCap acting requires a specific set of skills – a combination of theatrical and movie acting. With my own equipment I offer MoCap directing and acting across Europe.

The technology I use is the Perception Neuron by Noitom that brings you an adaptive and affordable MoCap system using one of the smallest inertial measuring units (IMUs). The system is designed as a tool for video game developers, producers and filmmakers, visual effects specialists, biomechanics researchers, sports analysts and virtual reality enthusiasts.


Veselin Krstovski was born on June 25, 1986 in Virovitica, Croatia. His mother Snežana is a bakery owner and his father Atanas a clerk. He has a younger sister Biljana, and is of Macedonian descent. Veselin was brought up in a small village Končanica, Croatia where he attended primary school and showed interest for acting and singing. In the nearby town of Daruvar, he continued his education in grammar school where acting and singing soon became his full-time hobbies. Afterwards he applied to the Zagreb Faculty of Kinesiology. He quickly dropped out and continued his studies at the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences and acquired a degree in computing. In parallel, he attended a solo singing program at the Academy for Jazz and Popular Music. After several roles performed in State Theatres as a triple threat, his love for film and television made him pursue Acting for Film program (est. by Nancy Bishop) in the Prague Film School.